Individual and group medical nutrition therapy

Medical nutrition therapy is the practice of applying scientific evidence to the treatment of medical conditions, including, but not limited to diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, digestive disorders such as celiac disease and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), liver disease, kidney insufficiency, and sleep apnea.


 Family nutrition counseling

The best way to initiate change in one member of the family can be the inclusion of all of the family, particularly when dealing with children. Involving the parents as well as children allows the family to work together as a team without excluding anyone or having to prepare different variations of foods and meals. Healthy habits are good not just for the client but the whole family.

 Diabetes self-management training

Providing the tools to test one’s blood glucose levels, take medication appropriately, control glucose during illness, and manage stress are some of the knowledge areas that clients with diabetes receive benefit from.

 Weight management classes

Clients receive individualized plans and attention as well as the benefit of routine meetings with other people looking to achieve the same results. Practical information to deal with daily eating challenges, finding the time for physical activity, and the impact of mindless eating are a few of the topics covered.


 Health and wellness coaching

Coaching places an emphasis on the client determining their own path to achieving their goals with the help of a coach to guide them into revealing barriers and challenges and then reworking their lifestyles to leave those obstacles behind.


 Body composition testing and tracking

A quick and simple tool to track not only body weight but make-up of that weight when promoting fat loss and/or muscle gain.


 Tube feeding assessment and coordination

When food intake cannot meet a client’s nutrition and health needs, Nutrition Connection ensures the feedings go smoothly and meet nutrition needs, coordinating care with the client’s physicians and home care and infusion companies.


 Employee wellness programs

Health promotion activities can be tailored to the needs of businesses, who benefit having employees who are healthy and well, with higher performance and fewer missed days of work.


 Executive Health Management

Top executives frequently suffer from too little time to properly care for themselves and have schedules full of meals prepared by others. Nutrition consultation can be provided in the office or client’s home to offer flexibility and convenience while finding practical solutions to problems a hectic schedule can cause.


 Public speaking

Whether to the community or health professionals, an array of nutrition topics can be addressed, including heart health, diabetes prevention and management, eating on a budget, improving energy levels, cooking quick and easy meals, and navigating fast food and restaurant meals. If it involves nutrition, Nutrition Connection can provide accurate and useable informational presentations.


 Article writing / Handout development

Articles and/or handouts can be prepared for newspapers, magazines, employee newsletters, and medical offices, with personalization to the situation and targeted population.


 Grocery store tours

Walking the aisles is a wonderful hands-on experience to teach navigating the grocery store quickly, efficiently, economically, and healthfully.


 Pantry and refrigerator make-overs

A trip to the client’s kitchen can show simple ways of making nutritious foods and meals that will be enjoyed by all, and can include healthy food substitutions, use of herbs for flavoring and salt reduction, review of the right utensils, and staples that will make quick meals a snap.

 Menu planning / Recipe revision

Menu planning is a very time-efficient way of putting meals on the table that take no more time than sitting in a restaurant for the same meal, and let you control the nutritional make-up of that meal that fits with your tailored nutrition plan.

Whether it’s a generations-old family recipe or one from a current magazine, recipes can be reviewed for modifications to help meet health and wellness goals, from getting more fruits and veggies, limiting salt, sugar or fat or balancing food groups, recipe revision ensures the foods the client likes are the ones they’re able to continue eating.

 Virtual Nutrition Counseling

An option to in-office nutrition visits for those who prefer the use of a computer interface to face-to-face meetings. Virtual nutrition counseling appointments are scheduled for a date and time just as an in-office visit would be and we connect via Skype. Virtual sessions are convenient for frequent travelers and those who live in rural areas, and are a means of continuing nutrition consultation in the event of moving out of the area.


 Telephone Consultation

If it is more convenient to you and your schedule, telephone consultation may be for you. This can save you time, gas money, and allows you to receive nutrition consultation in the setting of your choosing.