5 Tips for Productivity

by karen on May 18, 2020

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Are you stuck in a loop? We feel you! For many of us, the routines that keep us feeling productive and engaged every day have been thoroughly disrupted, and it’s left us struggling to find inspiration.

But if you’re feeling low-energy, under-motivated, or totally bored⁠—fear not. Today marks a new week and a fresh start to push toward your personal goals!

Top 5 Productivity Tips

1. Create a new routine. For example, set times for wake up and bedtime and stick to them. Consistent sleep schedules are very important for our health, and waking up early can help us get a great start to each day. You can also mark your  work hours and plan breaks, or schedule a workout at your preferred time of day.

2. Craft a great meal. Making a nutritious meal helps us feel accomplished and also fuels our bodies, paving the way for better energy tomorrow.

3. Do something you enjoy. If work is slow, you were laid off, or you just need something more to fill your day, try returning to a hobby. Tinker with a DIY project, learn a new career skill, or complete a bit of home improvement and watch your mood improve.

4. Get moving. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: workout endorphins make us feel better! Take a long walk after the work day is through, or start your morning with a bit of yoga or a full workout—whatever floats your boat.

5. Make plans. While times are uncertain, make plans to give yourself something to look forward to. Schedule a Zoom “Happy Hour” to catch up with friends, or plan a weekend trip with your spouse to take once restrictions are lifted.

We hope these tips will help you squeeze the most out of every day. Remember to be kind to yourself when you want or need a break, too; balance is key.

If you’d like additional consultation on your personal goals, we’d love to hear from you. Please schedule an appointment online or by calling (775) 360-6500.

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Karen Fisher, MS, RD, LDN, CDE is a dietitian in Reno, Nevada, happily promoting the benefits of healthy foods at her nutrition consulting firm, Nutrition Connection. Find her website atwww.NutritionConnectionNV.com


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