Kitchen Nutrition Makeover from Nutrition Connection: Your Goal-Reaching Game Changer

by karen on February 8, 2018

We’re already into the second month of the New Year.  How are your health resolutions going?

If you’re like most, there have been a few stutters and stumbles, or perhaps a complete fizzle on your New Year’s Resolutions.  Some of what’s getting in the way of your progress may revolve around your kitchen. Here are five ways a kitchen and pantry nutrition makeover from one of our registered, licensed dietitian nutritionists can help you achieve your goals:

1. A makeover from Nutrition Connection will save you time while helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

One of our dietitians will come to your home (or via computer, if you prefer) to provide their expertise and knowledge in a fashion that is centered around achieving your personal goals, reducing challenges that make eating healthfully difficult, and saving you time and money.

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2. A makeover from Nutrition Connection provides the footing to achieve your goals.

A nutrition makeover is a very effective means of setting up your victory.  Whether your health goals are to shed weight, get medical conditions under control, to clean up your food choices, or have more energy, the foods you choose on a daily basis are having a crucial impact.  Aside from food swaps that will increase the healthy quotient in your cupboards, your kitchen makeover will include a list of staples no pantry should be without.  Once your pantry is stocked, healthy cooking is only a few simple steps away.

  1. A makeover from Nutrition Connection will teach you the dietitian street-smarts of grocery shopping.

During your in-home kitchen makeover, we’ll take a look at your foods’ labels and show you how to identify the ingredients to choose and those to lose, offering options that will work within your lifestyle.  You will also receive guidelines on efficient and budget-friendly grocery shopping.

  1. A makeover from Nutrition Connection will eliminate the foods that derail you.

You will gain awareness of trigger foods that keep getting you off track, see how to reset to stay on track, and learn how to maintain a kitchen that keeps your plan going strong.  We’ll show you how the arrangement of foods in your fridge and pantry will get and keep you on the fast track to wellness.


  1. A kitchen makeover will ensure you’re eating the foods you enjoy.

You’ll receive meal and snack ideas that are not only nutritious, but also satisfying and enjoyable. A healthy lifestyle does not involve deprivation. We will cater our suggestions to your preferences and tastes, promoting the healthy, fulfilling life you’re striving for.

When we’ve completed your makeover, you’ll have a kitchen that is set up to allow you to put quick and nutritious meals and snacks together with a minimum of stress and hassle, all the while leading you to your health goals.

Schedule your makeover through our website or call us at 775-360-6500.  $250.

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